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Free Photos for Bloggers


Free Activism Photos You Can Use (Created by Us!)

Free Women’s Rights Photos

Free General Photos (if they’re small)

Free Public Domain Clip Art

Other Sources of Public Domain Photos

Bureau of Land Management

Environmental Protection Agency

NASA Image Exchange

Air Force Link

Army Link


Defend America

Defense Link

USFW National Image Library

U.S. Geological Survey


Navy Newstand

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Park Service

US Army Corps of Engineers



Space Telescope Science Institute

Mineral Management Service

US Bureau of Reclamation

US Customs & Border Protection

Bens Guide to U.S.Government

U.S. Dept of Labor OSHA

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program

Administration on Aging

National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health

If you are aware of any dead links, or any sites listed which contains images that are not in the public domain, please contact us. We will investigate and remove the image immediately. We take all claims of copyright violation very seriously and strive to ensure no copyrighted images make it into our collection!

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