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We are preparing a healing & happiness program for children from the FLDS culture that revolves around horses. We selected “wild mustangs” as our horse of choice because there are hundreds of displaced mustangs looking for forever homes.

ADD: More info about mustangs & the BLM program

Horses can be used effectively in Equine-Assisted Therapy and provide strong benefits to people. They can also be emotional support animals.

Would you consider sponsoring a mustang from afar and developing your own relationship with a very special horse, while also enabling your sponsored horse to be used to help ease the effects of stress, trauma and suffering for children and adults from Short Creek?

Sponsoring a mustang enables you to have a long distance relationship with a horse without the expense of facilities.  You will be considered part of this horse’s extended family along with others who choose to sponsor the same horse. Money is needed for hay, grain, boarding, tack, hoof care and vet care.

When you sponsor one of our mustangs for $X/month, you will be sent photos every month, as well as links to videos of the horses, and updates. You will also be welcome to come visit the horse at any time.

For $XY/month, you will get all of the above, plus you will get links to videos of legendary horse trainer Dell Timpson training the horses and working on building the relationship between the horse and the client. The expert tips you will learn are worth thousands of dollars.

This is mustang is named Chocolate, and he’s about to get his hooves trimmed.

For larger, one time amounts, you will get all of the above, plus X,Y,Z

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