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I’m Not A Feminist But…

“A recent report by Unifem found that among women aged 15-44, acts of violence caused more death and disability than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war combined.  Despite this dismal reality, there remains a powerful fiction in the West that Feminism is irrelevant and unnecessary. It is time for women to reclaim the ‘F’ word.”

Read the rest of this awesome blog Scriptonite Daily –  HERE.  It’s full of relevant facts and statistics. Furthermore, it shows how and why bloggers make a difference. Here’s an example:

The rape culture in the US has been epitomised by the Steubenville case.  The Ohio High School football team carried a catatonically drunk 16 year old girl from party to party, apparently taking it in turns to rape and sexually assault her.  They transmitted the whole thing on social media; tweeting pictures as they went, and finally sharing video in which they refer to the girl as ‘so raped’.  Horrific as this is, more terrifying is that this public declaration and execution of rape went entirely unpunished.

It wasn’t until a local blogger Alexandria Goddard, outraged at the complicity of a whole town in rape, posted the tweets and pictures in a blog condemning the rape and Anonymous hacked the web to release the video to the wider public that a criminal investigation began.

Now these boys have been found guilty, and this was not very likely to happen had Alexandria Goddard not blogged.  Bloggers can make a difference. That is why we post writings from other blogs and encourage everyone to with a story or a cause to blog.

Here’s more from Scriptonite Daily:

Women and girls are not just being killed and assaulted, but sexually injured and traded.

Approximately 100 to 140 million girls and women in the world have experienced female genital mutilation/cutting, with more than 3 million girls in Africa annually at risk of the practice.

More than 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, married before the age of 18, primarily in South Asia (31.1 million and Sub-Saharan Africa (14.1 million). Women and girls comprise 80 percent of the estimated 800,000 people trafficked annually, with the majority (79 percent) trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Read the entire blog HERE.



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