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Human Trafficking Facts

Human Trafficking is


achieved through force or fraud or coercion.

Contrary to popular beliefs, physical force is not the only means of keeping a person in bondage.  Chains can be psychological as well.




Men often lure women into their trap with a false romance, enticing them to believe that they are in a loving relationship, often including talks of marriage. This, however, is a common scheme to gain control of a woman for the purpose of sexually exploiting her. Little does she know she is one of many. Women can lure men with false affectionate too, leading them down a trap until they find themselves being exploited and facing serious consequences if they try to leave.



Threats of serious harm can include threats against other people in the victim’s life, harm to the victim’s business or reputation, threats of serious consequences in the afterlife, threats built around a victim’s superstitions, threats of cursing a city, or any other kind of threat that creates fear that disobeying would result in serious consequences to the victim or others.

This quiz was created by Voices for Dignity.

SOURCE Material:

The Polaris Project



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