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Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks Out On Abolishing Prostitution

In a May 2015 address to an Atlanta Summit on Ending Sexual Exploitation,
Former President Jimmy Carter said, “I would like to see each city and state in the United States adopt the Nordic model law.”
– Former President Jimmy Carter May 2015

“The most serious human rights violation on earth is the abuse of women and girls, and prostitution is the foundation for all other abuses of women and girls.”- Former President Jimmy Carter May 2015

“The reason for [prostitution’s] expansion is the men who don’t care whether this abuse continues. Men enjoy the privilege arising from prostitution. It was the same when I was a child in Georgia: we had official legal separation of the races. White men derived a great benefit from the subjugation of Black people. White men got the best jobs, the best schools, they were on juries. We overcame that. But this problem of the greatest human rights abuse continues.” – Former President Jimmy Carter May 2015

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