Stop judging. Start helping.

Edson Academy

Please consider donating any amount to help Voices for Dignity help the FLDS children (and others) from Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah.

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Thank you in advance for your kindness. We are a Utah 501(C)3 non-profit. Our Federal Tax ID is 82-2410482 


You’ve probably learned about this “polygamist community” from the many sensational media pieces out there. The FLDS have been stigmatized, dehumanized, and demonized. The FLDS children are innocent, but it seems they are always suffering the consequences of the crimes or decisions of others. Regardless of whether you agree with their religious beliefs, these children deserve every opportunity to have stable housing, to have quality education, and to have a chance to spread their wings and fly.

Voices for Dignity, Inc. is in a position to help these children, as well as help trafficking survivors, people who have experience oppression and humiliation, and those who leave this community and are struggling in life.

Please consider making a significant donation to Voices for Dignity, a Utah 501(C)3, so we can better help this underserved population.