Stop judging. Start helping.

Cyberangels – Battling Online Cruelty

We want to help victims of online cruelty and cyberbullying by sending in the ♥ cyberangels ♥ !

We are looking for patient, positive, kind-hearted,


ANGELS who want to help empower and support women and children who have been cyberbullied or humiliated online. We support victims of online cruelty and cyberbullying by sending in the ♥ cyberangels ♥ !

If you have the desire to help others by making kind and supportive comments online, please fill out the form below. This is the first step in joining an amazing team of extraordinary people, a “Society of Cyberangels,” working together to make the world a


(Men and boys also get abused, so we welcome them as well!)

We need volunteers, and most of this you can do online, on your phone, or right from home!


Become activists and compassionists on social media by sharing positive content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. And if we get an alert about online cruelty, victim blaming, humiliation or cyberbullying, be ready for a call to action!  Cyberbullying and trolls will be no match for our positivity and kindness.

Join the Cyberangel Society!

To sign up, CLICK HERE

For more positivity ideas, CLICK HERE

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