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Our Awareness Photoshoot

Photos for Bloggers | Voices for Dignity, in collaboration with Contagious Apps & Entertainment, did a photo shoot to help raise awareness to help stop the abuse, exploitation, domination, and subjugation of women.  The purpose was to create compelling, royalty-free visual media to enable and inspire more bloggers and journalists to write about these issues.

We had 4 extraordinary photographers – Tolga Katas, Trevor Blazso, Michael Weiss and Michael Maze – in the house – along with Chase, a photographer from the Las Vegas Review Journal.  Kristen McNary is a stellar photographer too, but this night, she was modeling to make a difference.

The teamwork and collaboration was something special that we are all likely to remember forever.  Photographers would stop shooting and pose in the photo if we needed them to do so.  Models would stop modeling, hold the lights and do other grunt work as needed.  Our world-class production designer, Ronnie Orr, posed as a husband when asked.

When I told Tolga about this shoot, he expected just a few people to show up.  But it grew and grew – almost like it had a life of its own. Model Suzi Su (she’s also a dentist!) who we wanted to meet for so long showed up with her cosmetic surgeon husband, and she was a dream to work with. Two sisters came with children so we  could get some shots of a family posing as polygamists. Celebrity Amy Hanley (Mob Wives) showed up and modeled for the cause as well.  Thank you Amy!  She brought her friend Tiffany as well! Stephanie brought a hair stylist, JonJon brought friends, and the list goes on.

The slideshow below is behind the scenes.

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The extraordinary makeup artist, and our dear friend  – Shiran Yamen-Mariasov – was 8 months pregnant but she still decided to come and volunteer by applying cuts and bruises on the models and participants.  Her special effects were so realistic it was frightening!  Makeup artist “Feralene” came to volunteer as well.  When she was done with her enormous workload, at our request, this angel heart agreed to model as well.At our request, the hairstylist even jumped in and modeled so we could show that it’s not just females that get abused and exploited.  It’s men and boys too.  His name was Dean, and he had never modeled before in his life, but boy was he a natural! That’s him below.



We’ll be posting the real photos soon.  Please sign up to this web site so you can get notifications!


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