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Winston Blackmore in court today to try to shake polygamy charges–again!

By Admin Well, I truly do not believe the most notorious alleged criminal of polygamy is going to slip through any hoops this time around. The Polygamy Reference costing millions of dollars with hundreds of thousands of pages of testimony has happened in Canada with those interested parties in favor of upholding Sec. 293 as sound and constitutional winning. Today will be a very, very interesting day, indeed! NM
B.C. gov’t faces off against Bountiful leader over polygamy
CTV News
Geordon Omand, The Canadian Press Monday, June 8, 2015
VANCOUVER – The leader of a fundamentalist religious commune in British Columbia’s southern interior will square off in court today against the provincial government over whether the province has the right to charge him with polygamy.
Winston Blackmore filed a petition in late February asking the B.C. Supreme Court to quash the criminal charge, arguing that B.C.’s attorney general improperly appointed Peter Wilson, the special prosecutor who recommended the charge.
The court threw out an earlier attempt to prosecute the head of the remote, Mormon breakaway community of Bountiful after Blackmore’s lawyer Joe Arvay successfully argued the government couldn’t keep appointing successive prosecutors until it got the recommendation it wanted.
In 2007, special prosecutor Richard Peck …read more

Read more here:: Stop Polygamy in Canada

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