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Volunteers ♥ Cyberangels


Natashia, Trafficking Survivor

We are looking for patient, positive, kind-hearted,


angels who want to help empower women and children, particularly those vulnerable women and children who have been oppressed, abused, humiliated or exploited in some way. We not only want to help prevent these things from happening in the future, but we also want to listen to the voice of survivors, help them grow strong and reclaim their lives!

Furthermore, we want to empower survivors and activists with tools they need to share their messages and make a difference.

We want to help victims of online cruelty and cyberbullying by sending in the ♥ cyberangels ♥ !

If you feel you have the talent (or desire) to help us grow, please fill out the form below. This is the first step in joining an amazing team of extraordinary people, a “Society of Cyberangels,” working together to make the world a


We need the following volunteers, and most of this you can do online, on your phone, or right from home!


Become activists and compassionists on social media by sharing positive content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. And if we get an alert about online cruelty, victim blaming, humiliation or cyberbullying, be ready for a call to action! Cyberbullying and trolls will be no match for our positivity and kindness.

Join the Cyberangel Society!

To sign up, CLICK HERE

For more positivity ideas, CLICK HERE

Volunteers Needed

If you would like to volunteer or donate time, please contact Esther Barlow 435-619-3282 or Ashley Klaja 210-867-1227

Social Media Watchdogs

Do you see someone experiencing cyberbullying or social media cruelty? Send us an alert so we know where to go to share kindness and love.

Inspiration Hunters

People to look for interesting and helpful articles or news for us to share.

Activity & Outreach Coordinators

Are you creative, organized and motivated? We could use help with a few activities from time to time.

Graphic Designers & Artists

We create visual resources to help bloggers and activists share the serious messages of awareness and education, and the inspirational messages of positivity, kindness and empowerment. Photographers, artists, graphic designers  – we need you!

Blog Bookworm

See all the blogs we have listed under BLOG in the top menu?  We need a couple volunteers to read those blogs, find new blogs if needed, and make sure we have excellent links and content there.


Do you blog? Can you blog? Are you willing to try? We would love women to blog for Voices for Dignity, to share their stories, to write about concerns, causes, female empowerment issues or just thoughts from the heart.

YouTube Curator

We need to develop a YouTube Channel and would love to have help finding and selection the videos for our channel.

Sponsor Seekers

Are you a good networker? Could you help us find sponsors for various events or survivors in need from time to time?

Resource Librarian

We have a digital RESOURCE library in the top menu. We need a volunteer to make sure our content is up-to-date and the links work. Our librarian also gets to look for wonderful new resources that could help women in need – even resources like books, job opportunities, etc.

Kindness Coordinators

These people do acts of kindness for other Voices for Dignity (V4D) team members, are the hunter-gatherers of creative ideas and resources to help make the world a kinder place. They will also create kindness campaigns and find inspiration information to share on the KINDNESS link above!

Bug Finder & Fixer (aka Web Mistress)

This web site is done in WordPress and would love a volunteer to help fix the bugs as they arise!

Volunteer Director

The more volunteers we get, the more we can do.  Remember T.E.A.M.  Together Everyone Achieves More.

Empowerment Photography Volunteers

(By the way, have you checked out our empowerment photography for survivors yet? CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE)

Employment Ambassador

Are you a professional person who could speak passionately to the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, to inspire potential employers to hire women and girls who are desperate to survive?

Cash Cow

A) We need to raise the money to become a real non-profit, and more importantly, B) Women escaping oppression or trying to start a new life rarely have the financial ability to survive. This is why so many vulnerable women end up in prostitution. If you’re a money-savvy or fundraising kind of gal, you might have the opportunity here to use your skills to help save some lives.


Yes, we need you too!


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