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Voices For Dignity – Awareness Campaign

On Sunday Feb. 17 2013, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and photographers will be volunteering their time and talent to create artistic, royalty-free photography to encourage bloggers, journalists and other media outlets to write more stories about the need to fight the myths about the exploitation of women. These photos will also be used in graphics, flyers and other appropriate media as part of an awareness campaign about human trafficking, domestic violence, and religious subjugation.  Facility and photography is being provided by Contagious.

Location: Contagious Studio

Sunday Feb. 17 2013

3:00 – 10:00   (open house style)

6445 S. Tenaya Way #105

Las Vegas, NV 89113


If you would like to participate in this campaign, please fill out the form below.

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  1. Thanks to all of you who participate! This kind of information is vital to every society; especially to those who condemn victims because they don’t understand the power of “programming, brainwashing, demigod prowess and any violations that steel from one’s soul. To disrespect or disregard women who’ve been abused and violated–in ANY sense of the word, is to partake in their demise, as well as your own.

  2. Jumi Lee Pak

    I am sorry that I missed this event, but I am sincerely grateful to all of the fearless, brave, & bold people who support this organization’s mission. May women continue to be healed by this valiant advocacy for truth. May whose with the courage & heart to raise their VOICES FOR DIGNITY feel ever empowered to fight the good fight FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY.

    • A lot of great things are happening in this world full of sorrows. Many incredible men and women are sending love, joy, light and wisdom to those who don’t get it, and are missing out.

      Thanks from me too.

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