Our web site was hacked so we are taking this opportunity to build a beautiful new web site.

In the mean time, a little about us:

Our mission is to prevent the abuse,  humiliation, exploitation and powerlessness of others. We advocate for survivors and stigmatized individuals by focusing on these five areas:

Survival & Stability

Empowerment & Education

Healing & Growth

Happiness & Positivity

Dignity & Kindness

✦ We promote kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards survivors in person, in law, in the media and online.

✦ We create positive experiences for survivors designed to remind them of their inner beauty and worth.

✦ We organize activities to promote happiness and create happy chapters in a survivor's storybook of life.

✦ We hold the media and people in powerful positions accountable when they exploit, traumatize or re-traumatize survivors.

✦ We help organizations and survivors to be able to speak out, share their stories and make the world a more dignified place.

For those who have been through psychological trauma, public shaming, media misrepresentation, physical abuse, religious maltreatment, or humiliation in any of its forms, we are here to support you in your time of need, to help you heal and recover, to provide resources and referrals, and to hold you up and love you.

 For more information contact us at

 info (at) voicesfordignity.com