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Survivor Natashia, Her Story & Wishlist

Voices for Dignity presents the struggles, success and needs of survivor “Natashia.”

About Natashia

Natashia started being trafficked at the age 14 when she was compelled into the “family business” by her mother.  She endured the horrors of the industry life until she was 29 when she (again) became the victim of severe violence, ended up in the hospital, but this time she was then placed in the S.A.F.E. House program. It was there that she was identified as a victim of human trafficking.

Natashia  has overcome tremendous challenges, and she is one of the success stories of the system that helped her reclaim her life.  She continues to work on restoring her life and building a strong future for her and her 10-year old son.

Natashia went through Voices for Dignity visual empowerment program and is now a spokesmodel for Voices for Dignity. We would like to help her continue on her path to success.


Natashia is a hard-working single mother with the desire to have a full-time job.  She has a GED, has attended college, and is anxious for employment.  Natashia is supported by the GNJ Family Life Center , and any company that hires her for at least $11/hour is eligible for wage reimbursement.Beautiful_Natashia-27

To learn more about the wage reimbursement program, call 702-648-1407 and ask for Mark.

Click here to see Natashia’s RESUME.


To assist Natashia in her employ-ability, reliable transportation would be very helpful.  Her current car is not only too unreliable to enable her to work beyond walking distance, but it is also recognizable by her trafficker who recently got out of prison. If you have access to a car or a job that would enable Natashia to get a car, please contact us HERE.

Additional Needs

This young lady continues to face a mountain of obstacles, but Natashia faces her challenges head on.  She recently received a scholarship to attend RPM Makeup Academy and has nearly completed the course to become a certified Makeup Artist.  However she is still in need of cosmetics and other tools to help her with this career.

If you would like to contribute gifts or a gift card to help her with her needs as a makeup artist, it would be greatly appreciated by her.

Below are some of her empowerment photos.

To see more of them & in a larger format on Flickr, CLICK HERE

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