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  1. Reame Flessa

    Yes Christine Ford, we believe you! 40 yrs ago for me. Raped at school by a teacher.
    Women went against me telling administration b/c we had beer; I was trapped by the
    college rules. I wanted to go to the police, but they said no.
    Men who rape are smart enough to know this, and they do not think
    about the impact on a womans life: TRAUMA BRAIN/ real PTSD. Rape
    is a life or death situation.
    SO this is not boys will be boys, it is society ALLowing (that’s right ALL Lowering),
    colleges/ and parents/ people in authority who Need to
    implement a waiver on making the mistake of experimenting with alcohol.
    A policy of support for speaking up and saying something if you see lines at a
    door in a college dorm etc. Most all of us do try it forget it happened,
    but the way it zaps your self-esteem is often irreparable. Therapy will heal you
    if you work at it for years. Fortunately i did not loose good friend s over this like
    some women do, b/c they were not really friends when they did not support me.
    They said they would lie that they knew nothing about it as they wrestled the rapist’s
    drivers license from my hands. Without support we might not be able to get to therapy,
    financially or otherwise since denial and getting stuck in time are our coping mechanisms.
    My heart goes out to Christine Ford, and all those millions who were/are not listened to
    and supported. I am hoping this roller coaster of emotion will prove cathartic for all survivors like
    me and so many in our generation. I am a few yrs older than Christine and finally able to
    say i am healed from this brave “Witness” to our truth.
    She is a powerful voice. HER TRUTH IS MARCHING ON!

    • Voices for Dignity

      Thank you for this powerful and thoughtful response. I am so sorry for what happened to you, but so proud of you for speaking out! Keep sharing your strength and your light!

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