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Polygamy: Not Harmless like “Big Love”

by St. Louis University School of Law ||  We identify three distinct harms that pervade modern day FLDS culture: child-brides, lost boys and polygamy. … The parties settled the suit out of court: the “lost boys’ received $ 250,000 for housing, education and other assistance to help boys who leave the FLDS community. Both the Court and interviews conducted with individuals formerly in the FLDS community powerfully articulate that polygamy directly harms women and children. As a result of the harm, evidence presented by the Court shows that eradicating polygamy leads to numerous beneficial effects: a) Increased per-child parental investment, with the expected increase in the mental and physical wellbeing of children overall; b) Reduced social strife, conflict and crime expected from more uneven distribution of the opportunity to marry; c) Reduced average age gaps between husbands and wives, increasing equality in marriages; d) Reduction in sexual predation on young girls; e) Reducing incentives for male control over women and their reproductive capacity; and f) Consistency with Canada’s international treaty and legal obligations

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