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Polygamy advocates claim religious freedom

By Admin When I was interviewed after the Canadian Polygamy Reference decision came down upholding Canada’s law proscribing polygamy, Mark Henkel was another person interviewed at the same time. He said, “Polygamy gives women choice.” Really, Mark? Really?? The choice of what–selecting other women to share her marriage bed?? Polygamy means breaking the firmly established laws in North America that make it illegal. Some people really need to get their heads out of the sand. NM
Polygamy advocates claim religious freedom
MAY 24 2016
FOX 10 News Phoenix
PHOENIX (KSAZ) – The word polygamy brings many things to mind. For some, they think religious cults, like the FLDS church in northern Arizona. It’s leader Warren Jeffs is now behind bars for child sexual assault. But others believe polygamy is much more; it’s not about religion but instead a personal choice.
“Government has no authority to be licensing, defining, and controlling a contractual arrangement of consenting adults,” said Mark Henkel.
Henkel is a national polygamy advocate, his website is full of speeches and media appearances record for anyone to see. And he’s not Mormon.s claim religious freedom
“I am an evangelical Christian,” said Henkel.
Henkel advocates changes making it possible for unrelated …read more

Read more here:: Stop Polygamy in Canada

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