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Polygamists charged with “polygamy” and child sex trafficking.

Winston Blackmore, Canada’s most in-your-face polygamist, was charged with both polygamy and human trafficking. 

Another polygamist, James Oler, was also charged with child sex trafficking along with his brother-in-law Brandon Blackmore and his wife Emily. All were from Bountiful Canada.

The connection between polygamy and trafficking has long evaded authorities. , from posting articles, blogs, providing the web site for Nancy Mereska’s Stop Polygamy in Canada Society who fought for the truth to be known and rallied attorneys to fight the legalization of polygamy in Canada. They succeeded. We’ve educated people, written letters and given talks about the role of religion and cults as a tool for human trafficking, but no charges of human trafficking were previously ever laid to a polygamist. These crimes were hidden or tolerated in the name of religion.

We hope that these charges will bring awareness to the trafficking activism community to finally honor our wishes to begin including “religion” and “cults” in the language of the trafficking literature.

Without question, religion has often been a key tool in the facilitation of human trafficking, yet it remains unrepresented in the trafficking literature, thereby making it difficult for women and children to realize that they might fit the description. It also hampers the public’s ability to identify human trafficking when it comes in the disguise of a religion or cult.

Recently, in Washington D.C., Steve Hassan put together a panel of experts for the International Cultic Studies Association Conference where people spoke about how the undue influence of cult leaders and pimps worked the same.

Rebecca Musser, author of The Witness Wore Red, and Kristyn Decker, author of Fifty years in Polygamy, have been working publicly and tirelessly to see this day come.

Hopefully, these charges and this acknowledgement by the Canadian government will be a wakeup call to the media, the trafficking activists and the public, that polygamy is not always “just another lifestyle.” It can be a highly effective tool of manipulation used to facilitate modern-day slavery.

To read this monumental article by Daphne Bramham in The Vancouver Sun, click HERE.

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