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Mormon vs. Muslim polygamy stats

By Admin I am doing several posts at once. Much has happened in the last month, but still no trial dates for the Bountiful polygamist/child traffickers. NM
Think Mormon offshoots have the most polygamists in U.S.? Think again
Salt Lake Tribune
Nate Carlisle
Apr 15 2016
This weekend, The Salt Lake Tribune will publish an article about “The Polygamy Question,” an anthology from Utah State University Press of the latest scholarly examinations of polygamy.
Much of the anthology focuses on offshoots of the Mormon church practicing in the United States — especially Utah — and Canada. Some of that discussion examines the case of the Brown family from the reality television show “Sister Wives.” On Monday, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Browns and reinstated a Utah law making polygamy a felony.
But one number jumped at me as I read “The Polygamy Question.” In the introduction, the editors point to statistics suggesting the United States has more Muslim polygamists than offshoots of the Mormon church who practice polygamy. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has not practiced polygamy since 1890.
The editors — Janet Bennion, a professor of anthropology at Lyndon State College in Vermont, and Lisa Fishbayn Joffe, the associate …read more

Read more here:: Stop Polygamy in Canada

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