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Largest Human Trafficking Event, Kisses for Texas

On Feb. 03, 2013, a friend posted this article on facebook:

Super Bowl Is Single Largest Human Trafficking Incident In U.S.: Attorney General

“When it came time for the Super Bowl, Clemmie Greenlee was expected to sleep with anywhere from 25 to 50 men a day. It’s a staggering figure, but it doesn’t shock advocates who say that the sporting event attracts more traffickers than any other in the U.S.”

The article by Eleanor Goldberg explains that in 2010, Forbes estimated that 10,000 prostitutes were taken to Miami for the Super Bowl and in 2011, 133 arrests for underage prostitution were made at the Dallas Superbowl, so Texas was prepared for the 2013 Superbowl. The article described true horror stories from past victims, which are always unsettling, but something unique and positive caught my eye.

“Experts say that the sheer number of men looking to pay for sex substantially increases demand and the massive crowds allow for pimps and victims to essentially go unnoticed,” newsnet5.com reports.

Did you catch that?  It did not say pimps and prostitutes.  It said PIMPS and VICTIMS.
Special agent Ray Parmer explained that the prostituted women are not arrested. They are treated as victims.

No wonder it was in Texas where FLDS polygamist prophet, pedophile and slave master Warren Jeffs was finally convicted to life in prison for his reign of terror. It’s the justice work of Texas Attorney General – Greg Abbott!  And he’s not through with the FLDS yet.

Once again, I take my hat off to Texas for understanding the difference between victims, consenting adults, and criminals.  If I were there I would be kissing the ground right now to say thank you for properly looking after the vulnerable human beings whose voices are silenced everywhere else.

Thank you Texas, for being different, for being strong, and for doing things right.


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  1. Jumi Lee Pak

    “Special agent Ray Parmer explained that the prostituted women are not arrested. They are treated as victims.” THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE. Any time, when the afflicted are recognized as victims, can justice ever be truly served. God bless you for your efforts.

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