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What Do Cyberangels Do?

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“Be a Positive Force in the World” Photo – Voices for Dignity

Speak Up! – in Social Media

1.  Comment in support of survivors, activists that are being trolled, children or adults that are being cyberbullied.

2. If you comment on a YouTube, hit thumbs down on negative comments, thumbs up on positive comments, and do not hit REPLY on a thread where the originating comment was negative. (The bigger the reply thread, the more it boosts the popularity of the negative comment – often making it the first comment people see. This can be very hurtful to a cyberbully victim.)  Instead, make sure you reply to an originating comment that is positive.

3. Plan or participate in a Cyberangel Commenting Campaign. When several people comment back and forth on a post at the same time, it creates a positive energy and makes it more like others will join in.

4. If you see an article, post or tweet about a person go on Facebook or elsewhere online, make a positive comment right away!  Sometimes the first person to comment influences the entire thread.

The only way we can make the Internet a kinder place is if we join together

and make a constant effort to find places to leave a kind comment.

5. Share Voices for Dignity information, photos and graphics on your social media at least once a week.

6. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Retweet our tweets!



Educate Yourself

7.  Research the web to find pertinent new studies and articles for us to share on our blog, Facebook or Twitter.

8.  Read the bazillions of articles and links on this site so you are prepared if you ever have the opportunity to educate others.

9. Educate yourself by watching these videos on human trafficking Click HERE.

10. Develop an attitude of love and compassion for women in prostitution.

Did you know that a study done in Canada showed that prostituted women and girls are 40 times more likely to be murdered than the national average? After you read these things, you will never be judgmental again.

11. Learn how to identify a victim of human trafficking. Did you know that human trafficking does not require MOVEMENT Take the quiz HERE. Read the HINTS. Keep taking it until you pass!

12.  Share the quiz with others, and ask them to share it with others too.

Speak Up! – by Writing

13.  Blog from your heart. We provide lots of content, photos, graphics and research on this site to help you. Use it!  Just include a link back to   Want more blogging resources? CLICK HERE.

14. Email your local television station or radio station requesting for them to do on stories that raise awareness on human trafficking, ecclesiastical abuse or cyberbullying.

15. If journalists write an article where they misrepresent, victim blame, or humiliate survivors, hold them accountable!  Comment to correct the information in the article, support the victim, or write a letter to the editor.

16. When the harms of prostitution or sexual exploitation are sanitized or glamorized in the media – OR – when victims are blamed or not treated with respect, write letters demanding change.

17. If you are a good writer, write sample Letters to the Editor on the topics above to share with us so we can provide examples to make it easier for others to share.

18. If you are a survivor, we welcome you to share your story.

19. If you are a survivor and you need help, let us know! We help survivors tell their stories whether it’s on audio, in writing, through photography, video or something else. Digital storytelling can be wonderfully healing.


“Really God?” Photo – Voices for Dignity.

20.  If you are creative or artistic, we invite you to find a way to your talents and skills to good use to help us speak up and change lives, both online and off!


“Save Your Angel Sisters.” Photo – Voices for Dignity







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