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There is a 26-year-old female American from California who was working at an orphanage in Syria. She was taken hostage by ISIS.

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More information:

Kayla Mueller’s parents ask her captors to contact them privately

Kayla Mueller’s parents appeal to ISIS: ‘We are still hopeful’

A 26-Year-Old Woman Is ISIS’s Last American Hostage

ISIS’s last U.S. hostage is a 26-year-old woman: Aid worker who travelled to Middle East to help orphaned Syrian children was kidnapped more than a year ago

ISIL says it has killed Japanese hostage Kenji Goto

ISIS holding 26-year-old American woman, sources say

ISIS threatens another American hostage, and this time it’s a woman

Is there any way that an American can legally pay ransom for their daughter’s life?

Not in the US, but the US would not stop a family from going outside the US to country where it is legal to pay ransom.

Has ISIS ever delivered a hostage alive for ransom money?

Yes, 15 Europeans.

Isn’t it unethical to pay ransom? Doesn’t that put all Americans at risk?

All Americans are already at risk, even though no ransom was ever paid to ISIS save the life of an American hostage.

ISIS wants more hostages anyway.

Americans might actually be safer if the ransom was paid, because the next American might be less likely to be killed.  (This is my opinion).

Would I be going against the government’s wishes if I helped Kayla’s family?

No. The government is highly involved.

If an individual of high-net worth wanted to contribute to saving Kayla’s life, what would they need to do?

Contact us by phone or email. Your information will be forwarded to a screening representative who has access to Kayla’s parents.  Click here.

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