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FLDS Evictions

Join Operation Short Creek – Stop judging, start helping!

The world has already been bombarded with shocking media about the FLDS (Fundamental Latter-day Saints, or Mormons) in Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, which collectively make up the community of Short Creek.  However, when my husband and I moved to Hildale, things were far different than the dismal society portrayed in the media. I started a photo blog called Life in the Crick to share the beauty and happiness we saw.

I had read so many negative things about the FLDS in the media and developed strong relationships with people who had left as well. I knew much of the dark side of the church (i.e. see the work of Sam Brower, Elissa Wall, Rebecca Musser etc.) I even blogged against them myself. I never expected to see happiness or play.

When I saw children playing, I told mothers about my blog and got permission to take photos. (The above photos were given to me, however.) I also photoblogged the natural beauty.

However, in the process of photoblogging about the town, I photographed some elderly, handicapped, mothers and children that were being evicted from their home.

Some cried.

This mother was pushing a handicapped woman and pulling a handcart. It reminded me of the pioneer days when the Mormons were driven out of Missouri and trekked the country by handcart.

This is such a part of Mormon history that there are commemorative statues…

Photo from

..and many modern-day Mormons re-enact it to try to comprehend the difficult sacrifices made by their ancestors.

The pioneer and persecution heritage of the mainstream LDS church is shared by the FLDS church as well.

This grandmother’s handcart is her walker. After making it down the stairs with her walker, she walks alone until she stops, speaks to some loved ones  and weeps.

You see, the house they are being evicted from is important in FLDS cultural history. Before it was a woman’s home, it was once the home of their beloved prophet Leroy Johnson, also known as “Uncle Roy.”  He was the prophet during the famous 1953 Short Creek raid.

FLDS prophet Leroy “Uncle Roy” Johnson.
photo by Leah Hogsten 2/17/04 Colorado City

These women and children were getting evicted, not due to foreclosure, but due to a complicated religious situation which I describe in more detail HERE.

The land trust that was formerly run by their religious leaders was taken over by the state, and the board is now run by former members of their church.

Members of the board have publicly stated that “evictions are the best thing for them,” and that “this is a wound that needs to be cleansed.”

FLDS children being evicted from the home their father/grandfather built in 1985.

The FLDS feel they are being driven out of their lands just like their forefathers. Regardless of the reason WHY these women and children are being evicted, and regardless of what you feel about their imprisoned leader or their religious beliefs, evictions are traumatic for both children and adults.  SEE HERE

It is my opinion and stand that these people need love, compassion, and support instead of the increased harm they will experience through homeless and increased poverty.

Operation Short Creek

Eviction day: Christine Marie Katas is holding a child wrapped in a blanket handmade by a volunteer.

Please join us in providing humanitarian support and love for these people during their time of crisis. Aside from helping these people to find housing, volunteers have been donating items for care packages for mothers and for children.

So, in the spirit of the Voices for Dignity motto – “Stop judging, start helping!” – we ask you to consider pitching in.

To find out how you can help or contribute to these care packages, CLICK HERE. 

Also – some angel hearts put together a facebook page HERE.






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