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Exodus of the FLDS

Excerpt from SLTrib:

Heeding the lessons taught by Jeffs and other FLDS leaders over the generations, the Dargers and many FLDS members have refused to cooperate with the land trust that owns the homes where they have been living. As a result, the people who are synonymous with polygamy are leaving the community that for a century has been North America’s unofficial headquarters of the practice. Loyal FLDS members are scattering throughout Utah and surrounding states.”

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  1. Mary

    This is truly sad! These people, many who are 2nd or 3rd generation FLDS, have nowhere to turn. Their leader has been taken away, forever. Imagine being thrown into that situation, you have no one, nowhere to go…..breaks my heart, especially for the children.

    • Voices for Dignity

      Yes, it is very difficult indeed. Thank you for being sensitive to this.

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