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Everyone Deserves Education : Gift the FLDS Children With the Love of Learning

Here in America, not far from one of the most visited national parks in the world, the children of a unique culture need your help. Voices For Dignity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that, among other things, helps the adults and children from this community.

Old school house in Short Creek

The community is known as Short Creek -the combined border towns of Hildale Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona. This is where many Fundamental Latter Day Saints (FLDS) live and deal with the stress of survival under adverse circumstances. One of the challenges we are trying to assist with is providing educational resources and support for these people in need.

Our little one-room schoolhouse and resource center is open daily for FLDS children to access learning programs and receive in-person tutoring to help them catch-up in reading, math and other standard coursework.


After school hours, the facility is open to assist FLDS mothers in their search for housing, apply for jobs, and undertake their own continuing education. All programs are offered at no charge to the FLDS children and mothers.

Help fund schooling in Short Creek. Donate now.

$35 : Will help a needy mother pay for a portion of her home school curriculum

$159 : Provides math curriculum for one student for one year. For example – Math U See,

$475 : Provides for one new Dell Inspiron all-in-one desktop computer. SEE HERE

This is our wish list for additional items like art supplies, book-making supplies, etc. EDUCATIONAL WISH LIST

Want to do more?

Volunteer! Voices for Dignity is looking for people across the globe to volunteer to tutor FLDS children. Volunteer opportunities include in-person or video chat presentations and one-off classes, as well as ongoing teaching and individual tutoring opportunities. Have an idea? Let’s talk. 435-612-2444 or


Photos by Kendall Sweeney





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