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As you know, donations are badly needed to help vulnerable people in need. Whether they are survivors of human trafficking, victims of spiritual abuse, or members of oppressed populations experiencing evictions, or children who need more educational resources and opportunities, your contributions can truly be life changing.

Operation Short Creek

Right now our focus is in providing humanitarian support to the FLDS population left in Short Creek (Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ). Thanks to so many generous people, we have been able to help people – primarily women and children – find housing, get jobs, receive therapy, get food, clothing and shoes, advance in their education and spread their wings in many ways.

Our current needs revolve around our desire to launch a new school for the FLDS. We recently have been granted the ability to use a small, two-story school building, to also serve as a resource center and homeschool hub. We will be offering accredited educational programs and provide a variety of other empowering services for the FLDS mothers and children.

We need your help. The school is in disrepair, we need money for utilities, new flooring, wall repair, chairs, desks, whiteboards, Internet, a playground and more.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference!

To become a subscribing patron and help us on a regular basis, please choose the option from the DROPDOWN BOX hat is best for you. The choices are –
Angel : $25.00 monthly
Advocate : $50.00 monthly
Patron : $100.00 monthly
Philanthropist : $250.00 monthly
We will send photo and video updates to all of our patrons!

Donation Options

Our Federal Tax ID is 82-2410482

To donate any amount, click below. And thank you thank you thank you!!

Send physical items to Voices for Dignity, P.O. Box 848 Hildale, UT 84784

To volunteer or donate time, call

(435) 522-8837


We even need painting supplies!

You can volunteer as well. Thank you in advance for your kindness, and for having the heart to consider helping a population in critical need of support.