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As you know, donations are badly needed to help vulnerable people in need. Whether they are survivors of human trafficking, victims of spiritual abuse, or members of oppressed populations experiencing evictions, your contributions can truly be life changing.

Operation Short Creek

Right now our focus is in providing humanitarian support to the FLDS population left in Short Creek (Hildale, UT and Colorado City, AZ). Thanks to so many generous people, we have been able to help people – primarily women and children – find housing, get jobs, receive therapy, get food, clothing and shoes, advance in their education and spread their wings in many ways.

Our current needs revolve around our desire to launch a new school for the FLDS. We have a little one-room schoolhouse now, which is also a resource center, but it is far too small. From 8 to 3, children are able to use the computers and receive specialized instruction to help them catch up in their reading, math and more. After 3, our little facility is available for use by FLDS mothers and others who need help – whether it is searching for housing, applying for jobs, picking up donations, taking classes and more.

We also desire to offer more services in other healing ways as well.

To make a one-time donation, please click the button below. Thank you in advance for the kindness in your heart.

What is the money used for? Here are some of the kinds of things we need donations for:Facilities


Equine Therapy Programming


See our up-to-date Amazon educational wish list HERE


  • Non-fiction books, especially for early readers
  • Pizza $ for the reading celebrations

Safety & empowerment

  • Funds to bring Elizabeth Smart to talk to girls about safety
  • Funds to sponsor RAD Kids program for child safety.

Playground & Therapy Animals


  • Emergency money for people in crisis
  • Mini-houses or trailers for emergency housing/volunteer quarters

Operating Expenses

  • Rent:  $200/month
  • Utilities: $150/month
  • Miscellaneous activities: $200/month

Mobile Classroom

  • Purchase an old school bus: $7,500
  • $30-$50,000 Modify it to become a mobile library / technology / educational resource room – similar to a STEM bus – to reach home schooled children in outer rural areas



Can you help with any of these things?

If not, or if you live too far away, can you make a financial contribution?


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Our Federal Tax ID is 82-2410482 

Donation Options

Send physical items to Voices for Dignity, P.O. Box 848 Hildale, UT 84784

If you would like to volunteer or donate time, please contact Esther 435-619-3282 or Ashley 210-867-1227

See also our Campaign for Education!