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Sam Brower Issues Passionate Plea, Slams US for Setting Predator Free

Responding to a facebook comment, Sam Brower, author of the book “Prophet’s Prey” which just premiered as a documentary at Sundance, wrote the following.


I really don’t know how or if the film and book might tend to change people’s minds. My intention for becoming involved was not to change anybody’s mind about anything but bring awareness to a complex and very disturbing problem. I am not naive enough to think that the FLDS people would even want to see, or have access to this kind of media. Even if they did, the hope of changing the minds of those true believers who are still in, would be the equivalent of hoping to put out a forest fire by spitting on it. As to whether or not my hopes for the film will be realized – time will tell. Actually, it really doesn’t matter what my hopes are but since I chose to become involved, and have put myself out there, I suppose I have an obligation to share – so here are a few: I hope that Mom and Pop, in Maine & Vermont, Government entities, politicians, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, and people on the streets of every city in the country will begin to see what’s happening out there for what it is – the largest, most sophisticated organized crime syndicate in the country.

I hope that people around the world will come to be incensed by the fact that there is a place in America that they thought only exists in far away, middle eastern tribal areas somewhere. And, that Short Creek is the most lawless town in the country; run by a corrupt government, police force, and justice system that are all under the control of sick and perverted leaders who take pleasure in inflicting pain on those they profess to protect. Positive change; that leads to the end of tyranny and the subjugation of women and children as “calves in the stall”; men, boys and families as tools of oppression and slaves to build up the opulent lifestyle of maniacal leaders, and henchmen with no boundaries; would be wonderful as well.

Failure effects all of us, if only for the fact that we don’t tolerate these things in America, and we have to reconcile our consciences to the fact that it is. The past week has been a small reminder of those accomplishments and failures in trying to bring some relief to people in desperate need of help. I have spoken to many former FLDS members in the last week, some I know and some who sought me out. One person who stands out in my mind was very, very close to the tyrants now running the FLDS criminal organization. For this person to seek me out and candidly speak to me after a lifetime of being abused, beat down, and indoctrinated into believing that Gods creations and diversity are to be feared, and lead to the destruction of his/her soul, is a supernal act of courage.

In due time he / she will pay it forward to others who were on the same sinking ship. If the film does nothing but create emotions that drive people to ACT, my hopes will have been realized and the film / book will have been a success.

Most importantly, I hope that all people, regardless of where you were born, what race, religion, heart felt beliefs or agendas they may have, can come together and work to solve these problems. The one thing we can all agree on, and should really motivate us all to set aside our driving need to be right with regards to any given subject; is that child abuse and breaking up families, homes and friends is sick and wrong!!! We need to put those petty differences, which in reality don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the desperation taking place in Short Creek, and work towards doing the right thing. …..so, a news flash just came in. Merril Jessop, the man who is responsible for supporting Warren and Lyle Jeffs through thick and thin. A man who knowingly gave his 12 year 24 day old daughter to Warren Jeffs, as well as many other daughters and granddaughters; and who even bartered little girls for his own son’s in exchange for his daughters, was just paroled from prison. He should never be allowed to enter civilized society in his lifetime and yet, he is now doing so.


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  1. sam fischer

    I am a personal witness to the happenings in Short Creek. Back in the early days it was a very special place to grow up and live life. In the days of the leadership under Leroy Johnson people could live, grow and flourish with the freedoms that are taken for granted in our society today in America at large. As the situation is now it is a pitiful conclusion to what was once a wonderful experience. Our people were once a defensible people in their beliefs and actions but today it is entirely a different story. That is why men like Warren are in prison, because the things they did were wrong and undefensable. Wrong should always be punished. I had to walk away from my family that chose to remain under the control of those parasites. I can tell you that it is a very strong mind control issue which is not easily detected, as it is like warming up a frog on the stove slowly such that they are cooked before they realize the danger. I am proof that it is possible if a person will take Uncle Roy’s teachings where he taught us that if anything he taught us didn’t line up with the 3 in 1 teachings, that you didn’t have to believe it. We were taught to set aside past teachings for “current revelation” which is wrong. All the prophets that were true prophets from the beginning of the bible always built upon other prophets words , not changing or destroying them. Although many may not and don’t need to agree with what I’m saying, yet these are my God given rights to believe as I choose, and allow all others the same right, and respect them in their beliefs. I turned in all my assets, real estate etc, which amounted to over 3 million dollars and left without my family , home etc. I started life over without anything but the learning from life’s experiences, yet that is something no one can take away, and with that you can do it all over again if you don’t let the past pull you down. I love life and look forward to renewed happiness from the newly acquired freedom which I now enjoy. Besides it isn’t the goods of this earth that you will be measured by in the next life, but what you did with what you knew and understood. All the people that are still there aren’t bad people. There are some very good people still there who like myself are still living in ignorance of what is going on. It is those I pray for, including those I had to leave, not because I wanted to, but because they shut me out at the commands of their leaders. That is where the tragedy lies in families being devastated and torn apart by those who should be protecting and cherishing those bonds. I have learned to appreciate many people that I looked upon as persecutors, and was taught such, as people who were actually trying to help. I remember looking upon the raid in Texas as a terrible thing, yet now I believe it was Gods way of trying to help ” Clean up the saints” so to speak. I feel ashamed to have been a part of that organization as it now stands after finding out what was actually going on. Yes , I have a hard time understanding how men that were close to Warren and knew what was going on could still cover the deception, Lyle Jeffs being on top of that list. Men who have covered wrong to maintain there positions and power over the lives of innocent men , women, and children. I have 6 of my brothers who have been sent away all over the United States, a mother who was sent away because she had a miscarriage early on in her life, sent away and told that they had committed murder and beyond saving. Sent away to die and take care of herself at the age of 81 years of age. I see my nephews and nieces and my own children wandering off into the world and falling to the bottom with no interest in religeon or values because they saw no future for themselves in that society. Because they weren’t taught how to deal with the real world.
    So after all these thoughts, Yes I want to raise my voice and tell Sam thanks for becoming concerned enough to do whatever you could to try and help the situation. Yet as I know from my own personal involvement, any change has to come from within. The self personal desire to know the truth and then to act on it when God shows you what is right. thanks for letting me unload my feelings. There is so much more that could be said but “Life is good” I’m glad for experience, yet hope to learn enough from it to not repeat it. Thank you

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