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Demand in the news

By Tripp Underwood   The media has been talking about demand for paid sex lately. A lot.
In the past week, we’ve seen a spike in news stories calling out sex buyers for funding the illegal sex trade. Many of these pieces mention the work of Demand Abolition’s CEASE Network (Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation) and its members.
Here is a selection of recent high-impact coverage:

A thorough radio report by American Public Media Marketplace covered Seattle’s historic takedown of the sex-buying website Listen to this story to hear secretly recorded conversations between members of the “League,” an organized, underground sex-buying ring with potential links to sex trafficking. Listeners also will get a feel for the great lengths an undercover agent went through in order to infiltrate and bring down the League from the inside. CEASE Network’s Val Ritchey and Alex Trouteaud are interviewed.

Looking for more depth? Listen to the extended, 15-minute cut of report:


Working closely with her CEASE Network partners, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf recently launched a multimedia campaign to fight sex-buying in the Bay Area by placing social pressure on suspected sex buyers. The city launched a campaign to have residents jot down the license plates of suspected buyers and send that information to

Read more here:: Demand Abolition

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