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  • Tragedy in Short Creek

    Posted on Wednesday, September 16 th, 2015 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    by Brenda Nicholson, former FLDS As I have been thinking about the events that have unfolded in Short Creek over the last few days, there has been a lot on my mind. I can’t seem to stop thinking about it, actually. The tragic loss of life is al...

  • Bullying Story – Greatest Gifts

    Posted on Wednesday, May 27 th, 2015 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    This is my story of being bullied as a child. Thank goodness there was no Internet back then! This might explain why I have such a passion for the underdog. Christine

  • Domestic Violence Red Flags

    Posted on Friday, May 22 nd, 2015 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    This post is by a very talented writer and brave survivor, Courtney Queeney. Courtney’s article in the New York Times “The View From the Victim Room” was very moving as she detailed her experience of renewing an emergency protective order. In...

  • Our Photo Shoot on ABC’s 20/20!

    Posted on Tuesday, July 23 rd, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    “Steed has also met new friends who have opened doors to new possibilities. In June, a photographer, seeing potential in Steed as a model, brought him in for a photo shoot, completing the radical transformation he’s undergone physically a...

  • Voices for Dignity in LVRJ – But What Next?

    Posted on Sunday, May 26 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    Our goal with the photo shoot depicted in the Las Vegas Review Journal was to give journalists, bloggers, activists and others the visual tools they need to put a face on these hidden crimes, to enable them to share this message in a more powerful wa...

  • Abducted: From Victim to Survivor

    Posted on Wednesday, May 15 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    When reports of rescued abduction survivors Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight flooded my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the fateful sunny evening in a suburb of Chicago when Robert Koppa, a man on pa...

  • Laura Chapman Says

    Posted on Wednesday, January 16 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    Progress: In Colorado we’ve developed the Forced Marriage Safety Net Work Group, in which I am an active participant. This consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals examining ways to support young girls and women being forced into ...

  • Portia’s Voice

    Posted on Wednesday, January 02 nd, 2013 by Voices for Dignity one Comment.

    I don’t know where to start this story. I don’t know how to pick up the pieces of my life that are strewn all over the place. I want to scream at the top of my lungs but my voice and my basic fundamental natural inclinations as a woman have been ...