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  • Getting Angry Isn’t All Bad

    Posted on Tuesday, April 02 nd, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    A new study says that we might not always be better off trying to get into a good mood. It is appropriate, healthy, and even useful to feel angry when competing or fighting with others, though it is not good for our overall well-being to feel anger a...

  • Survivor Empowerment Photos

    Posted on Monday, April 01 st, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    “What we call our destiny is truly our character and that character can be altered. The knowledge that we are responsible for our actions and attitudes does not need to be discouraging, because it also means that we are free to change this dest...

  • Religious Trauma Syndrome: It’s Real

    Posted on Tuesday, March 26 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    by Valerie Tarico  |  At age sixteen I began what would be a four year struggle with bulimia.  When the symptoms started, I turned in desperation to adults who knew more than I did about how to stop shameful behavior—my Bible study leader and a ...

  • Free Photos for Blogging Against Human Trafficking

    Posted on Thursday, February 21 st, 2013 by Voices for Dignity one Comment.

    Free photos for bloggers or activists who want to write or speak about prostitution or human trafficking, These photos were not taken of actual victims, but they were re-enactments.  The models were not told what to wear, it was 100% their choice an...

  • Free Photos to Speak Against Domestic Violence

    Posted on Wednesday, February 20 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    Here are some royalty free photos for bloggers who want to write about domestic violence. These photos are of models who volunteered their time and their talent to pose in this manner to help bloggers or speakers like you have the visual tools you ne...

  • Our Photoshoot Event – Grateful Hearts

    Posted on Wednesday, February 20 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    Photos for Bloggers | Voices for Dignity, in collaboration with Contagious Apps & Entertainment, did a photo shoot to help raise awareness to help stop the abuse, exploitation, domination, and subjugation of women.  The purpose was to create co...

  • Cogwebs

    Posted on Saturday, February 09 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    “The ideas that we acquire from the world around us, or build when links form between previously unrelated cogwebs, forms thread in a rich tapestry woven by the enchanted loom, the human brain.”  This poetic metaphor is from the physiolo...

  • Voices For Dignity – Awareness Campaign

    Posted on Monday, February 04 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity 3 Comments.

    On Sunday Feb. 17 2013, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, and photographers will be volunteering their time and talent to create artistic, royalty-free photography to encourage bloggers, journalists and other media outlets to write more stories...

  • Human Trafficking Facts

    Posted on Monday, January 28 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity one Comment.

    Human Trafficking is COMPELLED SERVICE / EXPLOITATION achieved through force or fraud or coercion. Contrary to popular beliefs, physical force is not the only means of keeping a person in bondage.  Chains can be psychological as well. Force Beating...

  • Laura Chapman Says

    Posted on Wednesday, January 16 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    Progress: In Colorado we’ve developed the Forced Marriage Safety Net Work Group, in which I am an active participant. This consists of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals examining ways to support young girls and women being forced into ...

  • A Business That Helps Prostitutes Bloom In Recovery

    Posted on Saturday, January 12 th, 2013 by Voices for Dignity no Comments.

    “Prostitution demands a horrible powerlessness most people don’t see.” Becca Stevens For prostitutes looking to get drug free and off the streets, the Magdalene program in Nashville, Tenn., provides a model for healing. Magdalene of...