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Christine Marie Katas

headshot1Christine Marie Katas, Founder of Voices for Dignity, is also an MBA, a Media Psychology PhD student, educator, human rights activist, and author who has published 19 educational books and numerous articles. She has been a parent educator, and family literacy advocate for 25 years, specializing in positive parenting, family literacy, child-development and nurturing. Furthermore, Christine has created numerous educational and motivational systems for families and children.

As the founder of Voices for Dignity, she helps create awareness about human trafficking, brainwashing, religious abuse, cyberbullying, rape, domestic violence, prostitution violence, and other humiliation-based crimes. Christine is also a survivor of multiple crimes, including an experience involving both ecclesiastic abuse and human trafficking. Her own story (although sensationalized and in some places fictionalized) was featured on the History Channel, Lifetime, TLC and others, both in the U.S. and abroad. She has appeared on Vice, Think Utah, Escaping Polygamy, and others.

Christine has expertise in helping the public understand the nexus between coercive, totalitarian polygamy and human trafficking. However, she is adamant that this type of polygamy does not represent all polygamy, and has many friends who are happy in their polygamist relationships. She has long advocated for the trafficking organizations to include “religion” in their descriptions about the many ways human trafficking can take take place.

Katas is also the founder of Interactive Media Candy (www.imediacandy.com), a boutique technology company which specializes in software applications and interactive content for the mobile phone, iPad and desktop.  She has years of experience in product development, graphics, digital branding, social media, marketing, IPTV, software design, print, video and audio products, and specializes in creating/using media and technology to make a positive difference in the world.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and blogger, she also in photography and other forms of visual media and content production. Earlier this year, she was named one of Las Vegas’ Most Beautiful for her work with human trafficking. In 2015, she organized “The First Christmas” to bring community-wide happiness and joy to the former FLDS communities of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona. In 2010, she was named VIP of the Year by Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in online media. SEE HERE.  Katas is the mother of four children, received her B.S. in Psychology in 1989, her MBA in 2008, and is pursuing her PhD in Media Psychology. She is a former Ms. Michigan, Mother of Young Children, Outstanding Service Award winner, Community Service Award winner, and published author.






To contact Christine, call 702-305-2220

“The most engaging, inspiring technology speaker I have ever heard. The audience was entranced by her.” Russ Weinzimmer, Patent Attorney

“She’s a rare blend of intellectual and comic genius who has super-inspirational flair. I guarantee every one of her presentations will be standing ovation quality.” Dr. Rob Gilbert, Editor, Bits and Pieces Magazine

“She not only showcased and demonstrated our product in a dazzling way, she also drew unexpected press and media attention–even at Cebit, the biggest trade show in the history of the world.” Peter White, Metabox AG

* A number of profound misrepresentations were made in this docudrama.


  1. bitty HERO

    Hi Christine, I’m so excited about the work that you’ve done.
    I’m working to raise awareness for ‘Religious Trauma Syndrome’ (first coined by Dr. Marlene Winell) and support for those suffering it’s psychological effects. Please check it out on TWTR @unholeyzero or on FB @FB.com/UnHoleyZero

    I would LOVE to connect w/ you.


  2. Reggie Labrum

    I’m a Mormon and we are not all against those who leave especially the kids who do not have the chance to know any better when I see young kids from the FLDS my heart breaks for they have no choices and I’m sorry that they did not pass the bill to criminalize polygamy well those that were for living it well I am sorry get made at Warren Jeffs and The Kingston for abusing that freedom and I am sorry but when you start abusing children both mentally physically and sexually they should have the religious right voided and with the case of warren to serve if for nothing else as a example to the Leaders of the Kingstons to go to Texas and beat the holy hell out of him and have WWE pro wrestling star Steve Austin along with Duane “The Dog” Chapman famous bounty hunter to tell us where he is hiding his brother Lyle along for the fact you can’t treat people and abuse children young women the way they have in the name of Religion we had a fine example of that it was called the Talban and we went in and cleaned their clock the Kingstons will get what’s coming to the like what is starting to happen to the FLDS and Warren Jeffs what comes around goes around and you are doing a awesome job taking those teenagers and young people who are forced to leave either by being kicked out or escaping a doomed life and becoming a great and true voice for them and be there for them keep up the great job

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