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Answers to common questions about psychopathy

By psychopathyawareness    Recently the translator of my psychopathy blog in Italian, Relazioni Pericolose, has conveyed to me some of the questions that Italian readers have regarding psychopathy. Since I think that these questions are equally relevant to American readers, I’m including below their questions and my answers:


Has the psychopath a sort of addiction from emotions? Is his obsession for the preys similar to the obsession that a victim experiences toward him?

Yes and no. The psychopath is, above all, an emotional predator. He (or she, if the psychopath is a woman) gets high on the sense of power that controlling others, and seeing them addicted to him, creates. He also becomes obsessed with hooking new victims, and can invest a lot of energy in getting them to believe the fictions he creates: that he loves them, cares about them, and will give them everything that they want (be it happiness, love, wealth, eternal life, etc.).  …read more


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