Our mission is to increase dignity and kindness in the world, and to prevent the abuse, humiliation, exploitation, and powerlessness of others.

Voices for Dignity started in 2013 as an online awareness campaign based in Las Vegas focused on human trafficking  and coercive control. In 2016, founder Dr. Christine Marie moved to Short Creek. She decided to turn the organization into a 501(C)3 and achieved that status in 2017. The official IRS purpose was simply written:

“We provide human services that help empower, heal, and dignify vulnerable populations, including but not limited to, those affected by human trafficking.”

To accomplish this, we decided to establish five areas where we would put our efforts. These are:

  • Survival & Stability
  • Empowerment & Education
  • Healing & Growth
  • Happiness & Positivity
  • Dignity & Kindness

✦         We promote kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards survivors in person, in law, in the media and online.

✦         We advocate against online cruelty, media misrepresentation and humiliation, social media harassment, and public shaming.

✦         We educate people on personal and psychological safety, critical thinking, coercion, trauma, and personal empowerment.

✦         We organize activities to promote healing, happiness and create happy chapters in a survivor’s storybook of life.

✦         We hold the media and people in powerful positions accountable when they exploit, traumatize, or re-traumatize survivors.

✦         We help organizations and survivors to be able to speak out, share their stories and make the world a more dignified place.

This gives us a broad opportunity to serve people from many walks of life, but what they have in common is that they are vulnerable because they have been stigmatized, humiliated, stereotyped, dehumanized, marginalized, mistreated, or misrepresented in some way. In other words, there has been an attack on their dignity. We are proud to be a voice for these people and help them on their journey to increased dignity and joy.


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Help us promote more kindness and dignity in the world

How can we best help people who have been stigmatized, marginalized, exploited, oppressed, or humiliated? We start by treating people with kindness and dignity, regardless of their mistakes, differences, lifestyle choices, religion, or current social status.  This is the first step to empowering people.

Powerlessness goes hand-in-hand with humiliation. They both involve exposure to disrespectful treatment, a lack of decision-making power, and the lessened ability to make desired choices.

Dignity includes providing support in such a way as to validate the self- worth of the individual.

The meaning of oppression is unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power.

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