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  • Voices for Dignity

    Speaking up, changing lives & empowering others.

  • Operation Short Creek

    Humanitarian help for FLDS refugees

  • Voices for Dignity

    We share technology, photos & media to make a difference.

  • We Assist Survivors

    of modern slavery, religious abuse, abuse of power.

  • Activism Photos

    We create activism media for your blogs & storytelling.

  • Voices for Dignity

    We help survivors reclaim their dignity & dream again.

  • Stop Judging. Start Helping.

    We educate on human exploitation. No more victim blaming!

  • Kindness & Compassion

    We promote online compassion, help media get the story right...

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    Our message and work gets shared in media.

  • Voices for Dignity

    We are a candle in the world. Join us.

Voices for Dignity™ - Speaking Up & Changing Lives
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✦ Voices for Dignity™ is a non-profit organization that takes a stand against the abuse, oppression and humiliation of others. We advocate for and empower survivors, with a focus on healing and positive activities that promote life happiness!

✦  Specifically, we empower survivors of spiritual abuse, human trafficking, religious oppression,  cyberbullying, media humiliation and other forms of humiliation-based trauma.

✦ We promote kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards survivors in person, in law, in the media and online.

✦ We create positive experiences for survivors designed to remind them of their inner beauty and worth.

✦ We organize activities to promote happiness and create happy chapters in a survivor's storybook of life.

✦ We hold the media and people in powerful positions accountable when they exploit or re-traumatize trauma survivors.

✦ We collect resources, create blogs, and provide visual and written media to help activists educate others on these topics.

✦ We help organizations and survivors to be able to speak out, share their stories and make the world a more dignified place.

For those who have been through psychological trauma, physical abuse, spiritual abuse, or humiliation, we are here to support you in your time of need, to help you heal and recover, to provide resources and referrals, and to hold you up and love you when you feel like you can't take another day.

✦ We are here to help restore your dignity, spread your wings, and experience life joy!

Help Us Make A Difference


- Prevention -
Learn what you can do to help prevent the subjugation, domination, violation, abuse, humiliation and exploitation of other human beings.

- Healing -
Help bring hope, dignity, recovery and life renewal to survivors of human trafficking, patriarchal polygamy, religious abuse, and public humiliation.

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