Speaking up & Changing Lives

We provide human services that help empower, heal, and dignify vulnerable and stigmatized populations

We focus on helping vulnerable populations, including survivors of abuse, humiliation, exploitation, powerlessness, online cruelty, media misrepresentation, and human trafficking.

✦ We promote kindness, compassion and sensitivity towards survivors in person, in law, in the media and online.

✦ We advocate against online cruelty, media misrepresentation and humiliation, social media harassment, and public shaming.

✦ We educate people on personal and psychological safety, critical thinking, coercion, trauma, and personal empowerment.

✦ We organize activities to promote healing, happiness and create happy chapters in a survivor’s storybook of life.

✦ We hold the media and people in powerful positions accountable when they exploit, traumatize, or re-traumatize survivors.

✦ We help organizations and survivors to be able to speak out, share their stories and make the world a more dignified place.

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Promoting a feeling of belongingness
Healing from Public Shaming
04 Oct 2023 - 11:12 am, Wednesday
Have you been publicly humiliated, misrepresented, or unfairly attacked in the media/social media and don’t how to move forward? This…
Valentine’s Day Tea Party
14 Feb 2023 - 4:00 pm, Tuesday
On Valentine’s Day we hosted a high tea party at the resource house. This lovely event promoted fellowship and a…
Critical Thinking and Coercion Course
11 Sep 2023 - 10:00 am, Monday
Voices for Dignity is offering a valuable 6-class course design to help people think for themselves, understand and heal from…


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